About Us

Our family owned business has been in operation for over 30 years. The company originated when Paul Kemper and Johnny Lewis established Lewis and Kemper Construction. As the years past this company evolved into what you now know as Kemper Construction. From its root as a hauling, and construction company it has grown into various areas of industrial support services and markets. From working within our home county in Northern Kentucky to across the United States Kemper Construction strives to develop and grow into a national company leading the way in many industries.

Our company focus has always been on keeping our religious faith at the center of all we do. It is through this that we build long lasting relationships with clients, suppliers and employees. Keeping our company grounded while growing to meet the needs of our clients has brought this company many years of success.

  • Owners: Paul and Teresa Kemper

Experience is making the difference!

Our History

Paul Kemper and John Lewis started a construction company 30 years ago with nothing more than a back hoe, a dump truck, and a dozer. The two were in business together doing small jobs around the area for 14 years, but when they went their separate ways Kemper Construction took on a whole new life. Kemper Construction is now a well respected and thriving company that has steadily grown and expanded their areas of work over the years. From the small two man business with few resources to the fast growing company doing thousands of various jobs a year Kemper Construction is proud of the expansion and improvements they have made.